A step by step guide to mastering Redux

...my own estimates are that somewhere between 50 - 60% of all React apps use Redux , plus all of its usage with other JS frameworks Like Angular, Ember, and Vue, and that is a userbase that isn't just going to disappear overnight.

Why I Wrote These Books.

These books are first and foremost about me. Yes, me. My struggles with learning Redux, and seeking a better way to teach it.

A few years ago, I had just learned React. I was excited about it, but again, everyone else seemed to be talking about something else called Redux. Gosh! Does the learning streak ever end?

As an Engineer committed to my personal development, I wanted to be in the know. I didn’t want to be left out. So, I began to learn Redux.

I checked the Redux documentation. It was pretty good, actually! For some reason, it just didn’t entirely click for me. I checked a bunch of youtube videos as well. The ones I found just seemed rushed and not detailed. Poor me.

Honestly, I don’t think the video tutorials I watched were bad. There was just something missing. An easy guide that was well-thought-out and written for a sane person like me, and not for some imaginary humanoid.

It appeared I wasn’t alone.

A good friend of mine, someone I was mentoring at the time, had just completed a React Developer Certification course where he paid big bucks (over $300) to earn himself a certificate.

Guess what? When I asked for his honest feedback on the program, his words were along the lines of this:

The course was pretty good, but I don’t think Redux was well explained to a beginner like me. It wasn’t explained that well.

You see, there are many more like my friend.

They perhaps use Redux, but they can’t say they truly understand how it works

I decided to find a solution.

I was going to understand Redux deeply, and find a clearer way to teach it.

What you are about to read took months of study, and some more time to write and build out the example projects while keeping a daily job and other serious commitments.

But you know what? I’m super excited to share this with you!

If you’ve searched for a Redux guide that won’t talk over your head, this is it. Don’t look further.

I have taken into consideration my struggles and those of many others I know. I’ll make sure to teach you the important stuff - and do so without getting you confused.

Now, that’s a promise.

The Email that Changed my Life

On the 20th of April, I received an email that would go on to change how I viewed things - completely!

Below's the screenshot. Please read carefully.

important subscriber email

These were the parts that really moved me:

highlights of the subscriber email

Owing to the platform I published the course, I couldn't offer him free access. So, I offered to send him money via Paypal so he could purchase the course, but he respectfully declined.

"I'll save up money myself," he said.

This is just one of many stories.

Some other developer reached out to me from Tunisia. According to him, he can't purchase anything online. Not because of funds, but because of how their banking system worked.

And so I made my big decision...

For every book you buy, we will send a free copy to a developer in India, Nigeria, and Tunisia who can't afford the cost.

Help make developer education accessible to everyone.

"I don't get this Redux thing"

Yes, you've done lots of tutorials and videos online, but it just doesn't stick yet.

So annoying.

They said it was easy. You tried. You really did.

You put in time and invested some resources, but you don't seem to still get it.

Oh, gosh.


There's too much to take in at once!

The real problem with teaching Redux isn’t the complexity of the Redux framework itself. No. I don’t think that is it. It is just a tiny 2kb library.

Take a look at the Redux community as a beginner, and you’re going to lose your mind fast. There’s NOT just Redux, but a whole lot of other supposed “associated libraries” to build real world apps.

If you’ve spent some time doing a bit of research, then you’ve come across them already.

There’s Redux, React-Redux, Redux-thunk, Redux-saga, Redux-promise, Reselect, Recompose and many more!

As if that’s not enough, there’s also some Routing, Authentication, Server side rendering, Testing, and Bundling sprinkled on it.

Gosh! That is overwhelming.

The “Redux tutorial” isn’t so much about Redux, but all the other stuff that come with it.

You're not the problem. Are you?

Well, maybe Redux is so hard. You can't really understand it, eh?

Consider the other possibility.

What if Redux was so darn easy? 😳

What if the problem isn't you.

What if, all you need is a more effective mode of teaching Redux?

Have you tried something different?

It's worked for many, and I doubt you'll be different.

In the first book, Understanding Redux - 1, I teach Redux NOT by adding complexities, but by removing as much as possible.

Funny as it sounds, you don't need a ton of libraries to build a decent application.

Just vanilla Redux, and your React code can do magic.

Skype Clone

The simplified Skype clone above, doens't utilize any of the tens of libraries other tutorials force on you.

It's built with just Redux and React. Nothing else.

Just good 'ol React, some regular CSS, and the Redux magic

No need for some CSS-in-JS argument, or webpack configuration. Reselect, React-Router, Ajax, Recompose, Redux-saga, Middleware....Oops, none of those!

Would you have guessed that?

Let me hold you by the hand, Step by Step.

How did you learn to walk?

Did you just get up and start running at 2 months of age

No way!

It's the same with learning Redux, or anything at all. The perfect way to learn any concept - at first, is by isolated practice.

It isn't about taking in a ton of information without practical usage, or by learning tonnes of libraries all at once.

That'll just drain you as fast as child forced to run at month 2

Pros like Ussain Bolt run so fast, but they didn't stat that way. No one did.

An easier way to learn.

What makes the most sense, and not surprisingly is the key to mastering Redux is ...

Firstly, tackle Redux by itself. No attachments. I'll break down the chunks in the most consumable bits.

Only then should you move on to more advanced concepts.

This is why I make no assumptions about your current skill level and explain the concepts as to a 5-year old.

The books set out a tested, step-by-step roadmap for not only beginning Redux, but moving on to mastery.

Be the Engineer with a solid understanding of how Redux works.

The Redux Reducer, Store and Actions? They'll be your best friends pretty soon.

Whatever the difficulty level, I've got you covered.

I know how it feels to run into frustrations trying to learn a new concept.

I suffered the same myself.

You are human. I am human. No one knows it all.

Taking all this into account, I wrote the first book, Understanding Redux - 1 to address this problem

This is like nothing else you've seen. The explanations are crystal clear with analogies you cannot forget!

The examples are well curated, and the exercises will get you flexing your Redux muscles.

This is no sales gimmick. You'll be taught Redux in a way like never before.

The second book, Understanding Redux - 2, builds on the foundation of the former.

With a deep dive into the intermediate and advanced concepts in Redux, you'll no longer feel lost in larger codebases.

That's not all.

You remember that scary list of libraries associated with Redux?

Redux-saga, React-router, Reselect, Redux-persist, Recompose, Normalizr...Oh yeah, I'll explain how all that works!

Not to mention a detailed look at Middleware, Authentication, Higher order components, and Routing. I'll explain all that!

The third book, Understanding Redux - 3, takes things to new heights.

We'll go beyond just advanced concepts, but will take a plunge into Real world use cases of Redux.

Performace optimizations, and all the scary woes of production code and best practices to foster scalability

Who else wants to learn by doing?

I'm tired of the TODO apps as well

I won't bore you without getting hands-on practice.

As you progress through the series, you'll proactice by building a number of micro apps.

That's how it starts. Small apps that will drive home the concepts being taught clearly!

The included exercises will also force you to gets your hands busy coding. No copy and paste!

Here's one of the many apps you'll have built on your own by the end:

Build a mini Skype Clone You'll learn to build a mini Skype clone!

I am super excited about this.

The time and energy spent putting all this together was totally worth it. The excitement I feel right now - sharing this with you, is amazing :)

Now, let me share with you what each book covers. I hope you love it!

What does, Understanding Redux - 1 cover?

Understanding Redux - 3 book
  • 💥 Covers the basics super well
  • 💥 A deep understanding of the core Redux terminologies
  • 💥 How to refactor an existing React application to use Redux
  • 💥 Learn to set up a Redux project from scratch
  • 💥 How to structure your Redux code
  • 💥 Handling typos and duplicates
  • 💥 Setting up a Redux store
  • 💥 Getting to know the Redux reducer - and why it is called a "reducer"
  • 💥 Updating the UI in response to dispatched actions
  • 💥 Keeping a normalized state, and what that really means in plain, approachable language.
NB: If you buy a copy of this book, we will send one free copy to a developer in India, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

This book contains 3 step by step examples, and 9 exercises to reinforce your knowledge.

Here are some of the exercises we will work on:

Exercise Apps Oh my!

What does, Understanding Redux - 2 cover?

Understanding Redux - 3 book
  • 🌈 How to manage the Redux state like a pro
  • 🌈 Persisting Redux state
  • 🌈 Fetching data via Ajax and dealing with async action creators
  • 🌈 Introducing the Redux devtools, logging and time travel
  • 🌈 Handling dynamic action types
  • 🌈 Understanding the Redux Middleware
  • 🌈 Creating custom middleware to centralise functionalities within your Redux application
  • 🌈 Advanced error handling in a Redux app
  • 🌈 Using react-redux for more performant UI rendering
  • 🌈 Why immutability is important, and advanced ways to deal with immutability in Redux apps.
  • 🌈 A good look at Higher order components
  • 🌈 Understanding the common redux-related libraries. Think reselect, redux-thunk, redux-promise, redux-persist etc.
  • 🌈 Routing via redux-router
  • 🌈 How to handle authentication in Redux apps
  • 🌈 How to chain and cancel API requests
  • and much more ...
NB: If you buy a copy of this book, we will send ONE free copy to a developer in India, Nigeria, and Tunisia.
Build a mini Skype Clone You'll learn to build a mini Netflix clone!

What does, Understanding Redux - 3 cover?

Understanding Redux - 3 book
  • 🔥 Managing test files and directories
  • 🔥 Testing Actions, Reducers and Middleware for more stable software
  • 🔥 Writing Integration tests
  • 🔥 Understanding advanced concepts in the Redux Store, Actions and Reducer
  • 🔥 Using the Redux-ORM like a champ
  • 🔥 Handling connecting form components
  • 🔥 Handling monster forms in Redux
  • 🔥 The correct way to handle context menus in Redux
  • 🔥 The do's and dont's of server-side rendering with Redux
NB: If you buy a copy of this book, we will send ONE free copy to a developer in India, Nigeria, and Tunisia.
Mini Twitter Clone You'll learn to build a mini Twitter clone!

Buy the Books.

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Knowing Redux really well can set you up for a promotion, or get you that dream job you've always wanted.

You can finally set yourself apart as a more experienced Engineer.

Whichever way you see it, this is a win-win for you, and I want to make it even better.

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30 day money back guarantee

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